: simplified terminology management

Participation and Confidentiality Agreement


The present agreement involves the participation of the tester in a test proposed by 2 Associés on the Web site, a site specializing in online terminology management.

Terms and Conditions of Registration for the Test

The tester registers for the test directly on the Web site. Registration will be confirmed by 2 Associés and is subject to unconditional acceptance by the tester of the present agreement.

Duration of Test

The test conducted by 2 Associés will take place over several weeks, according to the details provided on the Web site.

Tester Engagement

The entire test will be conducted online, on the Web site. During the test, participants will need:

  • Internet access for the entire duration of the test.
  • An e-mail address where instructions, follow-ups, information regarding the test and new questions posted online will be sent.

Beta testers participating in the test will be asked to:

  • Connect to the Web site at least once every 7 days to see exactly how the test will be carried out.
  • Have a look at the different documents posted online before answering the questions.
  • Answer all online questions as each one is posted on the site. Test participants will receive an e-mail notification when new questions are posted online.
  • Have a look at the new Web application functionalities.

Consideration of 2 Associés

Participation in the test is voluntary and free. 2 Associés does not offer any compensation or benefit in consideration of the covenants to be observed and performed by the tester as part of the test.


Any information not yet made pubic and provided to the tester by 2 Associés, as well as the knowledge and results obtained from carrying out the present test, shall remain strictly confidential, not be discussed with third parties, and not be disclosed without prior written consent from 2 Associés. Confidentiality and intellectual and/or industrial property clauses shall also apply on all partial results obtained. The tester agrees to keep strictly confidential all information regarding the offers, products or services used or discovered as part of the test.

2 Associés shall not disclose any personal information about the tester, nor shall it use said information for commercial purposes without written consent from the tester.

For the purposes of implementing this agreement, information collected by 2 Associés about the Beta tester shall be processed in accordance with the laws of the Province of Quebec, Canada. The Beta tester may ask 2 Associés to inform it of personal information collected about itself and to have said information rectified, if applicable, by contacting the designated person or service.

User Content

Except if expressly stipulated otherwise on the Web site, all non-personal information or content sent or entered by the user as part of the test shall be considered non-confidential. By sending such content, the user grants unrestricted and irrevocable authorization to 2 Associés to use, reproduce, display, play, modify, transmit and distribute said content, and acknowledges and consents to the fact that 2 Associés may use the content in any manner or for any purpose. The user acknowledges (a) that the content does not violate personal or third-party property rights; (b) that the content is not defamatory, obscene, abusive or otherwise illegal; (c) and that it is solely responsible for the content.

Access to for the purposes of this test is granted on an as-is basis and 2 Associés need not ensure the integrity and saving of data and content sent or entered by the tester. The tester must keep a backup copy of its data and content.


It is expressly agreed between the parties that participation in a test excludes any subordination relationship between the tester and 2 Associés.

Limitation of Liability

2 Associés is not responsible for and shall not be held liable to the tester for any fault or damage, whether direct or indirect, resulting thereof, and the tester shall indemnify and save harmless 2 Associés from and against any claim regarding the loss of business opportunities or revenues related to the operation or absence of operation, or to the use or lack of use of, or to the information found or that could be found therein.