: simplified terminology management

Web Application for Terminology Management

Easily create, expand and share term banks

Nomigy is an online repository that enables you to effortlessly create, maintain, view and share term banks such as unilingual glossaries and bilingual or multilingual lexicons.

Who is Nomigy for?

Nomigy is designed to meet the needs of those who work with terminology management systems on a daily basis, such as language professionals, but can also be used by anyone wanting to maintain term banks containing definitions and usage contexts in one or more languages.

  • Facilitates the creation of quality content.
  • Enables all participants to view the same up-to-date version of a terminology record.
  • Reduces costs and promotes productivity.
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What is a term bank?

A term bank is a searchable directory containing words and expressions from a given field or area of activity. The directory also includes additional data, such as definitions of terms, their usage context and usage examples, and their equivalent translation in a number of languages. All data entered for a given term constitutes its terminology record.

Why maintain a term bank?

A term bank is needed to specify, standardize and establish the proper use of vocabulary that is specific to a given field, area of activity, institution, company, association or group. It is a tool that facilitates the ongoing and accurate use of terminology during the writing or translation process in order to ensure quality content.